Arena Geometry
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Arena Geometry (incomplete -- be patient!)

It's important to understand how to accurately ride ring figures in order to get good scores in competition. But it's even more important to ride figures accurately in order to get the most correct work from the horse. A horse who is allowed to drift from the track -- whether that track is straight or curved -- will find ways to "cheat" and not use himself as symmetrically and athletically as he could.

The arenas

  • Dressage arena diagrams -- Diagrams of both the large (20m x 60m) and small (20m x 40m) dressage arenas, with letters and dimensions.
  • Dressage arena "map" -- A diagram including the centerline, quarterlines, midline, and diagonals.
  • Circle points -- No one said this was going to be easy.

The ring figures

Other considerations

Dressage arena diagrams

Dressage arena "map"

Circle points

20 meter circles

15 meter circles

10 meter circles


Corners and half-circles

Okay, so just how accurate do I have to be?