EDU 563

Karen Pautz
Fall Term 1 2013

Week 1  

Week 1

Cooperative learning, or every single ensemble-cast show ever?


A light-hearted take on cooperative learning strategies, which are replicated every night and twice on weekends on dozens of TV shows and movies

MI software  

Week 2

Software to support
multiple intelligences



A variety of software applications and iPad apps that accommodate the variety of learning intelligences as outlined by Howard Gardner

Flash game  

Week 3

Flash game to support
concept attainment



A simple Flash game (but not simple to code, for someone who's never worked with Flash ActionScript 3.0 before!) that teaches dressage students to differentiate between lateral movements based on the direction of bend, which is a crucial biomechanical difference.

horse quencher  

Week 4

Using the scientific inquiry
method in the Equestrian
Science program at William
Woods University



A .pdf document outlining a proposed project, using the scientific inquiry method of teaching, to determine the efficacy of a commercial product known as "Horse Quencher."

Advance organizers  

Week 5

"Before you start" and
Mouse-over animations
as advance organizers


In order to prepare riders for dressage lateral movements, a variety of overview web pages, including a chart with mouse-over animations explaining the various movements. Also added the "direction of bend" page.

week 6  

Week 6

Horse sales advertising strategies: lessons using cooperative learning


A PowerPoint presentation of a group project involving the cooperative learning teaching model. The "jigsaw" method is specifically addressed.


Weeks 7-8



Graphical depictions -- a la merit badges -- of skill sets that are important to future equine-industry employers.




Karen Pautz
WWU EDU 563: Instructional Theories and Strategies Using Technology